We practice what we preach and have built the Academy at Del Mar Golf Center from scratch.  Learn from our mistakes and from our success. 

We actually practice what we preach and do so on a daily basis. We aren't going to tell you to do something that we aren't doing or that we haven't tried. What we do has made us successful at a place that:

  • Doesn't have a golf course attached to it. (We have a partnership with a course about four miles from us.)
  • Is partially closed for 12 weeks of the year because of a month-long county fair and a two-month long horse racing season.
  • Has a ball-landing area that is primarily a dirt parking lot.
  • Doesn't have the country club amenities or those of many public golf courses.
  • Boasts 26 other golf facilities within a 10-mile radius each with junior programs.
  • Has to deal with the EXTREME hot and cold temperatures and copious amount of rain from all the thunderstorms and crazy typhoons! (Ok...stop laughing now.)*

Athletes from the Academy at Del Mar Golf Center along with their coaches play a version of soccer where the athletes get to use their feet AND their hands. The only catch is they have to stay on all fours the whole time. It's definitely tiring. But look at the smiles on the faces!

That's what we want!

A Long-Term Athletic Development Program

Young athletes proudly sporting the hats they earned for their golf prowess.

Young athletes proudly sporting the hats they earned for their golf prowess.

The Academy at Del Mar Golf Center is an LTAD program designed to create amazing golfers.

Our center is where we take young athletes and help them develop their physical literacy and golf skills. The goal is to help foster a life-long love for golf. We would love to be a part of the process that garners a few Green Jackets and Claret Jugs. But if they bring back a few Lombardi Trophies, we won't complain!

The 90-minute classes are weekly and include 45 minutes of golf training and 45 minutes of athletic development.  We have a small class size (up to a 6-1 athlete-coach ratio) that ensures each athlete receives individual attention from all of our staff. 

Similar to Martial Arts, we incorporate a grading system in which your young athlete must pass a proficiency test every few months to move to the next level.  Golf abilities are indicated by hat color, and fitness abilities are indicated by wrist band color.
The Academy is open to all young athletes interested in developing their golf and fitness abilities. 

* The Academy at Del Mar Golf Center is located in Southern California about 20 miles north of San Diego where we complain if it gets above 77-degrees Fahrenheit or below 74-degrees Fahrenheit.