Please complete the questions below with as much information as possible.  This new client assessment and evaluation will allow you to put in your goals in writing and to give us the best picture of your facility, program and team.  The more information the better, even if it is just random thoughts and ideas.  We understand that each facility and program is different and our goal is to provide a customized program which will allow you to launch or expand your junior program.  

The Do’s and Don’ts of the following New Client Assessment and Evaluation

  • DO provide as many pictures as possible
  • DO be honest with yourself about what you and your team want, we hope this equates to a waiting list for all of your programs
  • DO ensure that your facility owner and management are onboard with athletic development as a major component of a junior golf program
  • DO confirm that your contract (if applicable) or employment status will enable you to make the necessary adjustments and changes to incorporate athletic development into your junior golf program
  • DO be prepared to be open and honest with Dynamic Golf because we will be 100% open and honest with you about our assessment and recommendations for your future program
  • DO bring concrete goals that you want to meet: # of young athletes in your program, projected revenue, expansion goals, etc.


  • DON’T tell yourself what you think you want to hear
  • DON’T tell us what you think we want to hear, our only concern is to help you meet your business goals
  • DON’T think you can do everything yourself.  A huge aspect of developing a program is having a team that can implement the program
  • DON’T be afraid to write things down, this helps us create a more action oriented plan, it also makes your goals more CONCRETE to you and your team

Please use the additional section below to submit pictures and other relevant information.


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